Library and Institutional Services

Working with thousands of artists around the world, Printed Matter is uniquely positioned to offer consultation with regards to specific titles, building a contemporary collection, and inquiries related to the artists’ book field. Our long-standing open submission policy brings in an extremely diverse selection of publications, most of which are without commercial distribution and not easily accessible elsewhere.

We currently work one-on-one with several libraries to help build their collections based on varying criteria, including the New York Public Library (New York), The Museum of Modern Art Library (New York), and The Whitney Museum of American Art Library (New York). We can also create standing orders for your institution that can be collaboratively crafted, in which we set publications aside for your future review. This is a terrific way to keep abreast of the diversity of artists’ publishing projects that are streaming into Printed Matter on a daily basis.

Should you wish to discuss our expanded library services or sign up for our library mailing list to receive emails featuring curated listings of special titles available through Printed Matter, please contact

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